Persistent pursuit of cleanliness and health

No matter how busy you are, as a woman, as a mother, when you are in public or when you meet someone online, being healthy is a basic and eternal desireあ for every woman.
eternal desire for every woman.
On the other hand, unhealthy-looking skin conditions that appear with age and lifestyle changes also come to all people equally.

Moreover, it is not easy for women’s skin to maintain a constant state due to the monthly menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and hormonal balance during menopause. It’s so huge.
That’s why for a woman, caring for her skin isn’t just about looking beautiful, it’s about lifelong care needed to face and balance her body and mind.


What is a beautiful and healthy skin condition?

Do you know what it means when your skin is in good condition?
Specifically, it refers to the following states.

  • The balance of water and oil is maintained and moisturized
  • Smooth surface with no irregularities due to pore opening or acne
  • There is tension and it is firm
  • Has elasticity that rebounds when pressed
  • It has a skin colour that looks healthy with good blood circulation without unnatural colour unevenness

These conditions strongly reflect the inner workings of the skin, the workings and health of our internal organs.
When the body is in a healthy state, strong cells are regularly created and the skin naturally becomes beautiful.

That is why the treatment we seek should not be an unpleasant stimulus to the body and skin.
Do not put up with the pain, irritate it more than necessary, or repeat it more often than you can regenerate.
Natural and highly reproducible care that can be continued throughout life regardless of age or lifestyle is the treatment that we want all women to experience, and it is also our belief as a beauty therapist.

The essence of our treatment

A skin cell rejuvenation treatment that radically improves skin
quality and creates a healthy condition by the endermologie ® ︎
alliance, the latest technology of French LPG that can handle any skin
An intelligent strategy in a NO RISK, NO SIDE EFFECT battle to slow the unaesthetic effect of passing time.

Inspired by traditional medicine around the world, the genuine
botanical essence extracted from the blessings of nature is delivered to
the skin cells that have resumed their activities.
Its effectiveness and quality are independently researched and upgraded in its own laboratory.

create confidence that overflows from the inside

Instead of decorating the outside, the beauty of the skin that exudes
from the inside, the health of the body, and the self-confidence of the
That is the lifestyle we aim for throughout our lives.

Experience the synergistic effect of technology and the highest quality cosmetics on your own skin.

LPG Endermologie