How do you treat dark skin spots?

Treating, correcting and preventing the appearance of dark spots is a cosmetic problem which concerns both young and more mature skins.

 It’s important to treat dark spots globally, reaching the origin of melanogenesis and blocking all the processes which lead to irregular pigmentation.

Before introducing the best treatment with CASMARA’s latest technology and reliable active ingredients, let’s review the types and caused of dark spots.

Our skin colour depends on how much skin cells contain a pigment called melanin.

Melanin is a natural pigment that determines the colour of the skin, but do you know what is melanin?

Main factors of melanin production

Melanin is a substance synthesized by our body that acts as a defense mechanism against solar radiation.

And it shows non-uniform generation and distribution due to external or internal factors, appears in the form of dark spots or dull, non-uniform tones.

External factors include irritation caused by UV rays, friction, inflammation caused by acne and other wounds, and internal factors include ageing, hormone balance, use of medicine, lack of sleep and stress.

By overlapping or sustaining multiple of these factors, melanocytes are continuously stimulated, and overproduced melanin is taken up by epidermal cells, accumulated, and gradually visualized.


The most common dark skin spots

Ephelides (typical freckles): They appear during childhood/adolescence and, unless indicated by a dermatologist, they don’t require treatment.

Nevus (moles): In the same way as those above, they appear during childhood/adolescence and, unless indicated by a dermatologist, they don’t require treatment.

Liver spots: These are a cosmetic problem common in both young and mature skins. Those who suffer from these types of spots are usually just as concerned about them as they are about the appearance of wrinkles. These types of spots usually vary between different shades of brown and accumulate in the areas which are most exposed to the sun (face, hands, décolletage), especially in fair-skinned people who do not tan easily. There is an excess of the normal skin pigment (melanin) in these spots. Although they do not require treatment, it’s common to want to fade and correct them.

How to treat dark skin spots?

Treatment of dark spots due to the various factors mentioned above requires multiple measures at the same time.

Specifically, it is necessary to suppress the current excessive production of melanin and restore it to normal. Next, excrete the pigment that has already accumulated. And to activate the metabolism of epidermal cells and prevent the ageing of cells that cause excessive melanin production.

CASMARA’s newly developed Lightening Home Treatment Set protects the skin while the morning cream works on the signals that promote skin metabolism, slowing the progress and brightening with S.P.F.50. Concentrate Serum for the night has four kinds of peeling ingredients that gently remove dead skin cells containing old melanin, leading to bright and clear skin.

After peeling, the skin is more sensitive to UV rays. After using CASMARA Clarifying Concentrated Serum for night care, condition your skin with a highly moisturizing cream, and the next morning, apply CASMARA Clarifying Anti-Aging Cream evenly to your skin to finish your skin care.

Enjoy a skin-nurturing life that restores brightness and self-confidence to the skin day by day!




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