M&B Beauty Wellness Center is a professional treatment salon that pursues the health and beauty of women’s mind, body and skin.

Based on our own research, we aim to realize a highly reproducible treatment that is natural but does not compromise the results by fusing constantly evolving technology with the blessings of nature that are carefully selected from all over the world.

Behind story of M & B

Many hormones are constantly secreted in the human body.
It is no exaggeration to say that the hormone, which cannot be fully understood even with the latest medical technology, is the source of our body and skin.
This is because a slight hormonal imbalance can cause our mind, body and skin to become significantly ill and quickly become unhealthy.

Hormones are especially prone to instability for women during pregnancy and postpartum.
You can get tired easily, sleep deprived, and feel depressed so much that you can’t do anything on your own.
Your immunity is weakened, your abdominal muscles are weakened, and you can sit, stand, or even change your posture.
I also suffer from back pain, headaches and swelling, but no one can change it.

We know that not a few people endure loneliness in a lonely upset that no one can change.


Be the light of hope

However, there are not many places where women can truly relax and rejuvenate during those harsh times.
Most of the treatments performed at many skin care salons and esthetic
salons have a normal hormone balance and are effective only in a healthy
state, and salons that can be treated during periods of unbalanced
hormones is almost nonexistent.

M and B, which are the acronyms for Mom & Baby, include the hope
that as many women as possible can enjoy child-rearing positively, even
though while facing prenatal and postnatal problems that tend to be
carried by themselves.
It also has the meaning of Mind & Body so
that you can be refreshed from the bottom of your heart, your body will
be healthy, and your skin will be revitalized.

Whenever you feel tired of a busy life or need healing, the M & B Beauty Wellness Center is ready to help you.
We will continue to be the light of hope for all women.